STEP 1: Initial Inquiry with the Administrator/Principal
Discuss philosophy & curriculum of PVCS
Present PVCS policies
Discuss tuition fees and school fees

STEP 2: Payment of Reservation Fee
Accomplish Reservation Form
Pay Reservation Fee and get a slot

STEP 3: Student take the Diagnostic Test
Payment of Diagnostic test fee
Set Schedule for the Diagnostic test
Submit copy of Report Card from previous school

STEP 4: Conference with the Principal
Discuss result of diagnostic test and make recommendations
Obtain Enrollment Packet.

STEP 5: Submission of Requirements
Accomplished forms in Enrollment Packet
Submit NSO copy of Birth Certificate
2 copies of 2 x 2 ID picture
2 copies of 1 x 1 ID picture

STEP 5: Payment of Enrollment Fees
Obtain Admission Packet

Order School Uniforms and Supplies
Pay school uniforms and supplies
Attend Parents’ Orientation:
Obtain PVCS Handbook and Communication Book

NOTE: A student is not enrolled until set fees are paid
and all forms are submitted.

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Pursuant to DepEd Order No. 54 s. 2012 entitled Policy Guidelines on the Implementation of Alternative Delivery Modes (ADMs) including Home Study Program as one of its recognized modalities, PVCS opened its Homeschool Program to serve homeschooling families who are called to educate their children at home.

In order to better serve the PVCS Homeschoolers, Homeschool Centers are set in every region or major cities with administrators assigned to facilitate enrollment, conduct training, and administer exams.  Some centers also offer tutorial or special classes.

Services offered:

  1. Diagnostic test. Administers diagnostic tests at the beginning and ending of the school year in order to determine the level of mastery and learning gaps in each core subjects based on the standard K to 12 competencies to help the student prepare for the next grade level.
  2. Parents’ and Students’ Orientation. Gives orientation before the start of classes to introduce the school together with its policy, standards and procedures.  It aims to address concerns and answer questions about the program in order to properly guide homeschooling families.
  3. Parents’ and Students’ Training. Conducts training for parents and students at the beginning of the school year to introduce homeschooling as an alternative delivery mode of education, discuss its history, legalities, pros and cons, and share some powerful testimonies of homeschooling families.
  4. Quizzes and Quarterly Exams. PVCS Homeschool Program provides quizzes and quarterly exams to alleviate the work of the homeschooling parents/tutors.  It will also serve as an assessment of the learner’s compliance and improvement to know how PVCS can help and guide the family.   This is available only for homeschooler who is using the textbook and curriculum prescribed by PVCS.   However, a homeschooler who prefer to use open curriculum, will prepare the quizzes which will be submitted to PVCS who in turn will make the Quarterly e
  5. Guidance and Counseling. Guidance and counseling is given to students and parents should there be problems and concerns that will arise both in academics and classroom management.
  6. Tutorial Services. In cases where student or parents need assistance in lessons that are difficult or complicated, tutorial services are available either personal or on


PVCS Homeschool Program offers textbooks and curriculum for each grade level and strongly advise homeschoolers to use the same because of the following reasons:

  1. Those textbooks and curriculum are evaluated by licensed experienced teachers in compliance with K to 12 learning competencies.
  2. Quizzes and Quarterly exams will be provided by the school.

However, open curriculum is accepted on the following conditions:

  1. Submit matching of the content of the chosen curriculum with K to 12 competencies. List of competencies of the grade level will be provided or could be downloaded from
  2. Competencies not covered by the chosen curriculum should be taken up to avoid learning gaps.
  3. Quizzes will be made by the homeschooling parent/teacher and a copy of which will be submitted to PVCS. Quarterly exams will be provided by the

ADMISSION and ENROLLMENT PROCEDURE:                                                                          

A. Initial Inquiry with the Principal/Administrator:
• Discuss philosophy & curriculum of PVCS.
• Fill-up Reservation Form and payment of reservation fee
• Payment of diagnostic test fee and schedule diagnostic test fee.
B. Student take the Diagnostic Test:
• Submit copy of Report Card from last school attended.
C. Parent/s & Student Conference with the Principal:
• Discuss result of diagnostic test and recommendations.
• Payment of required downpayment.
• Obtain Enrollment Packet.
D. Submission of Requirements:
E. Payment of Enrollment Fees:
• Obtain Admission Packet.


  1. Legal forms:
  2. Report Card from previous school.
  3. Transcript of Records (school to school)
  4. NSO Birth Certificate (original)
  5. Enrollment Packet forms:
  6. Application form
  7. Enrollment Agreement
  8. MedicalHistory
  9. Standard of Conduct
  10. Homeschool Agreement
  11. Other requirements:
  12. 2 copies of 1 x1 ID picture (white background)
  13. 2 copies of 2 x 2 ID pictures (white background)                                          

NOTE:  A student is not enrolled until set fees are paid and all enrollment forms are submitted.




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