About PVCS

Our Mission, Vision and Goals

PROVERBS VILLE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL, Inc. (PVCS) is a non-stock, non-profit educational institution with DepEd Recognition No. 010 s. 2015 for Kindergarten to Grade 6; DepEd Recognition No. 003 s. 2015 for Grade 7 to Grade 10 and DepEd Permit No. 171 s. 2015 for Senior High School.

We believe that PROVERBS VILLE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL is called by God to establish Christian schools that will make a powerful impact to the educational system by adhering to the following:

Vision.  We envision the Proverbs Ville Christian School to become globally competitive Christian school that provides excellent service to students, gifted and special children and homeschool families in Davao and major cities in the Philippines by the year 2025 to help build the nation and honor God.

 Mission.  To love, to teach and to disciple the students in order to instill  Christian values, academic excellence, holistic development and productive living to empower them to fulfill their God-given destiny and bring honor to His name.

Goals. Proverbs Ville Christian School aims to provide excellent service to students and families through the attainment of the following goals by the year 2020.

  1. To establish an excellent learning facility for preschool, grade school, junior high school and senior high school that is recognized by the Department of Education.
  2. To open special classes for special children and children with learning disability such as multi-level class and individual instruction class.
  3. To open Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy clinic that will provide affordable, comfortable and better service to special children.
  4. To open hybrid class to enhance the talents and skills of gifted children and give them the avenue to express, articulate and innovate.
  5. To open homeschool program to accommodate homeschooling families that will provide training, assistance, monitoring and assessment that is essential to the success of the learners.

Brand.  “We Love, We Teach, We Disciple”

Core Values.  Proverbs Ville Christian School aims to mold students to possess the following core values:

  1. Life that honors God
  2. Christian character
  3. Excellent mind
  4. Holistic personality
  5. Skillful hands
  6. Heart that blesses others

 Strategies.  Recognizing the uniqueness of each student learner, Proverbs Ville uses the following strategies to attain the set mission, vision and goals of the school:

  1. Individualized Instructions – The school provides manageable class size and an environment conducive to learning that addresses a variety of learning styles, interests, giftings and abilities found within a classroom.
  1. Independent Learning – Proverbs Ville believes that education is a preparation for life. Teachers train students to study on their own with less assistance.  Books and curriculum come complete with topic explanation, pertinent examples, exercises and experiments that enable students to study and learn on their own.
  1. Mastery Approach – Teachers in Proverbs Ville not only teach but also tutor the students individually or by group. Constant review and repetition, made possible through a low student-teacher ratio, classroom management and remediation done by teacher-student or tutor-tutee provides for a very high rate of understanding and retention.
  1. Character Building – iblical principles are integrated into every academic subject in all levels of the curriculum to infuse character to every student.  Advisers monitor the 30-minute daily devotion of the students that include Bible reading and reflection, prayer and journal writing. Victory Christian Fellowship Davao’s Kids Ministers and Campus Ministers conduct weekly group Bible studies with the students to teach them primarily about leadership, integrity, faith and excellence.  Character Awards are given every Recognition day to deserving students to encourage them to give premium to character formation.
  1. Holistic Development – PVCS aims to develop children holistically. Skilled musicians teach students lessons in voice, piano, keyboards, guitar, drums, hand bells, melodica, violin, xylophone, drum and bugle, clarinet, cello and others. Music and Dance Recital serves as the stage to expose the children and showcase their talents.  Coaches train children in different kinds of table games and sports like chess, sci-dama, basketball, swimming, soccer, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, taekwondo, modern dance, and dance sport.  Professional art teachers teach arts, crafts and painting.  Proverbs Ville joins different kinds of contest with private and public schools, division-wide and nation-wide to expose students to the different fields of holistic education, campus journalism and develop sportsmanship.

Special Services.  Proverbs Ville Christian School aims to provide excellent service to students and families through the following special services.

  1. Kinder to Grade 12 Classes recognized by the Department of Education with qualified and dedicated faculty and staff and conducive learning facility.
  2. Intervention Program that provides individual instruction for special children and children with learning difficulties or disability.
  3. Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Therapy Clinic that provides affordable, comfortable and better service to special children.
  4. Hybrid Class for gifted children to enhance their talents and skills and give them the avenues to express, articulate and innovate.
  5. Homeschool Program to accommodate homeschooling families that will provide training, assistance, monitoring and assessment that is essential to the success of the learners.

Special Features:

  1. Students are given no assignments to give them time to rest, play, help in the house and bond with the family members
  2. Parents are informed and updated daily of the status of the learners through a communication book.
  3. Students have 30-minutes daily devotion where they read the Bible, make life reflections, memorize Scriptures and pray to develop their character.
  4. School offers specialization in music (voice, violin, piano, guitar and drums), arts and crafts, and physical education (swimming, soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, chess, sci-dama and dance – hiphop, contemporary and folk dance.



I am a proud Proverbian

I am a child of God and I belong to Jesus Christ.

He is the solid foundation of my faith.

He crafted me to become a diligent learner.

He molded me to develop godly character.

I offer my life to be a blessing to others.

I will live to honor and praise His holy name.


I am a proud Proverbian

I uphold the highest moral values.

Through a quality Christian education,

academic excellence and productive living.

I enjoy learning independently and collaboratively.

I am pursuing a mastery approach in learning,

And gearing towards a holistic development.


I am a proud Proverbian,

I will develop in my full potential

And reach my destiny in Christ.

I will be globally competitive

Ready to take dominion in my sphere of influence.

I will be a world-class Christian leader

Who will make an impact in this city,

In this nation and in the world.


I am a proud Proverbian

I am glad I found my home

in Proverbs Ville Christian School.

I am a proud Proverbian

I will be loyal to my alma mater.

And faithful to its vision, mission and goals.

I am a proud Proverbian,

I will be forever grateful to this school

For loving, teaching and discipling me.