Principal’s Message

164734_484401293613_3149178_nWelcome to Proverbs Ville Christian School! It is with great joy to start a journey with you in training your children towards maximum learning and holistic development. Having faith in our hearts and armed with excellent and tested curriculum, experienced caring teachers and staff, expert coaches, and dedicated loving parents such as you, I am sure your children will reach their destiny.

Maria Victoria Supan
PVCS Principal





I am a proud Proverbian

I am a child of God and I belong to Jesus Christ.

He is the solid foundation of my faith.

He crafted me to become a diligent learner.

He molded me to develop godly character.

I offer my life to be a blessing to others.

I will live to honor and praise His holy name.


I am a proud Proverbian

I uphold the highest moral values.

Through a quality Christian education,

academic excellence and productive living.

I enjoy learning independently and collaboratively.

I am pursuing a mastery approach in learning,

And gearing towards a holistic development.


I am a proud Proverbian,

I will develop in my full potential

And reach my destiny in Christ.

I will be globally competitive

Ready to take dominion in my sphere of influence.

I will be a world-class Christian leader

Who will make an impact in this city,

In this nation and in the world.


I am a proud Proverbian

I am glad I found my home

in Proverbs Ville Christian School.

I am a proud Proverbian

I will be loyal to my alma mater.

And faithful to its vision, mission and goals.

I am a proud Proverbian,

I will be forever grateful to this school

For loving, teaching and discipling me.